The Best Italian Restaurants in Denver, Colorado - A Guide for Foodies

Are you a foodie looking for the best Italian restaurants in Denver, Colorado? Look no further! From the traditional Italian dishes served at Dry Storage to the unique and creative dishes at Spuntino, and the delicious homemade focaccia and tiramisu at Tavernetta, there's something for everyone. Dry Storage is an artisanal mill and bakery owned by chef and owner Kelly Whitaker. Inside the simply furnished neighborhood restaurant with white walls, you can enjoy a variety of specialties prepared in the restaurant's only wood oven. Try the seasonal pasta, exquisitely served vegetable dishes, perfectly breaded pies, and main courses that can be shared with protein.

Don't miss out on the gnocco, a soft semolina dough placed on a bed of tender shredded lamb and topped with marcona almond aillade (a rich, nut-flavored sauce from France). And don't forget to try Basta's famous Italian-style flatbread or the cheesecake with ricotta, malted bran and hazelnuts. Spuntino is a standout Italian restaurant in Denver offering incomparable dishes in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. With unique and creative dishes made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, their innovation is reflected in the appetizers and desserts on the wide range of Italian delicacies. This restaurant is a must-visit for those who want to enjoy one of the best-loved establishments in Denver. Tavernetta is an exceptional Italian restaurant located in Denver that serves exquisite homemade pasta dishes with bold flavors that will take your palate wonderfully to the Lazo district in central Italy.

Enjoy their fatty and salty homemade focaccia (which comes free and is replaced as often as possible) and their perfect tiramisu. During dinner service, customers can enjoy white Negronis with apricot and yellow chartreuse skewers and swivel spaghetti adorned with delicate lobster poached in butter. The vodka sauce is embellished with chunks of fried ham; the sublimely spicy sausage is paired with spicy pepperoncini in its Italian sausage sandwich; and DiFranco even offers his own brand of house wine made by BonWine Company in Sunnyside. If you dig a little deeper, you'll find that this five-year-old restaurant is a hymn by chef and owner Elise Wiggins to the whole animals her team gets from farms in Colorado and neighboring states and to the less popular dishes of Italian cuisine.

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