Vegan and Vegetarian Options in Denver, Colorado: Where to Find the Best

Are you looking for the perfect cozy café with lots of natural light, potted plants, and a menu of organic and vegetarian dishes? Look no further than The Corner Beet. This charming spot is ideal for a yoga session or post-Peloton ride, offering a variety of organic dishes and raw options. Enjoy their selection of juices, coffee, and more. We recommend one of their hearty breakfast bowls with potatoes, eggs, and cheese (it comes vegan) or their acai bowls with red fruits, granola, and coconut – both with a great presentation.

If you're looking for a Caribbean getaway hidden in a tropical interior that is home to the best vegan Cuban you've ever tried, Bang Up To The Elephant is the place to go. They have everything from coconut curry made with house-spiced chickpeas and tofu to cauliflower wings with three sauce options: 26% spicy sweet tamarind, Scottish mango bonete, and pineapple and soy bonete. Plus, they have a fun menu full of tropical cocktails, such as their Pina Colada with coconut liqueur and dark rum, or their non-alcoholic sodas in flavors such as guava and mango. If you've ever missed the feeling of holding a hamburger in your hands, don't worry – Native Foods is the 100% plant-based fast and casual food restaurant of your dreams.

Their burgers are packed with all the ingredients you'd expect to find at a restaurant specializing in hamburgers, such as vegan bacon, grilled mushrooms, bacon and onion jam, and cheese. They even have vegan fried chicken if you prefer, as well as very sticky melted meats that will make you feel all the convenience of fast food. Native Foods is a fast, casual, plant-focused restaurant that offers vegan versions of comfort foods and has several locations across the country. Their menu ranges from hearty main courses such as Gastropub burgers to chicken fillets and meatball sandwiches to fresh and healthy salads like their kale salad.

Their latest addition to their menu is their French sauce – slices of 100% vegetable beef on toasted bread with a dipping sauce that combines to create a cruelty-free version of the popular sandwich. Most restaurants strive to offer at least a couple of options in addition to a few salads and side dishes; however, very few specialize in meatless cooking. Denver is home to some amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants that offer delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack. Come for breakfast and enjoy a heart-shaped bowl of bacon and tempeh mince or come for an evening bite of vegetarian poutine to accompany an artisanal cider or IPA.

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